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Used Tire Recycling Idea Gallery

Used car tires are an environmental problem that states have had trouble coping with for many years. Rubber recycling facilities have popped up across the country and use of recycled rubber in consumer products is increasing. There are plenty of ways that you can help to protect the environment from discarded car tires.

Here are a few of the most creative ways that people have found to use old car tires in products for the home and the everyday consumer.


recycled tire bathroom sinks

For The Home

recycled-tire-5 recycled-tire-4a

recycled rubber buckets and baskets

The Roof…

recycled tire roof

recycled roofing

Stair Covering…

recycled tire safe stairs

recycled tire rubber stair covers

Tables and Chairs…

recycled rubber tables and chairs

recycled-tire-table recycled-tire-table-and-chairs

recycled car tire chair

Apparel Accessories

recycled tire rubber handbags

recycled tire rubber waist pouch

cylus pangolin bags


recycled tire animal




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