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Used Tire Recycling Gallery

When it comes to used tires, disposal and recycling is even more important than it is with other types of garbage. Tire fires present a large environmental hazard, so most municipalities in the US have established strict regulations regarding how tires are disposed.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to recycle the rubber from your tires that we hope will inspire you. Do you have a great way to recycle tires? Send us an email and we would love to share this on our blog.

Firewood and magazine holders for a rustic living room.

used tire recycling idea

An artistic use of the tread patterns on top of this round table. This is a fantastic way to create a functional piece of furniture for your den. This table uses a piece of glass to provide a smooth (and more sanitary) surface for the tabletop.

used tire recycling table

The chairs and table shown below were all created from recycled tire rubber.

used tire recycling gallery

Next, increasing the degree of difficulty exponentially – is Yong Ho Ji. These intricate sculptures are made almost 100% from recycled rubber. You can see a few of the sculptures below and more work here.

used tire recycling sculpture


recycled tire animal sculpture

Palm trees…

recycled tires palm tree

This next tree is more like playground jungle gym for the kids. This is made from used tires that are held in place with bamboo which gives it the structure that is seen here below.

used car tire recycled tree

Here is one of the simplest and easiest ways to send your tires off into their afterlife. Cut them in half and sink them into the ground at a park or playground. They can make a suitable bike rack.

used tire bike rack

Create a pond in your backyard using a large tire. You can find more
detailed instructions on how to do this here.

pond from used rubber

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