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Used Tire Recycling Gallery #2

Welcome to another used tire recycling gallery from Here we have put together a batch of cool and interesting tire recycling projects that we have found from around the web. Some of these are practical, some ideas look pretty, and some are just crazy enough to make them cool.

Check out some of the previous recycling galleries that we have put together: Gallery #1, Gallery #2.

Below is a tree sculpture and chair that were made from recycled car tires by African artist Roché Van Den Berg.

recycled tire tree and chair sculpture

Old tires can also be recycled and used in construction projects. The two photos below show retaining wall structures that were made from old tires.



Rubber castles; location unknown.

used tire playground castle


And now for the animals! Here are a few more fun and creative ways that you can recycle your old tires for use around the home and garden…




The 3 photos below show sculptures by  Yong Ho Ji. We have shown Yong’s work on our blog here before and you shouldn’t be surprised to see some of these sculptures again. This is among the most detailed recycled rubber sculpture work in the world.


9_tiger-head1-01 human-from-recycled-tire-rubber



More home and garden recycling ideas from the web…




recycled tire table


Below: designer belts by Ecotrack. Although they are actually made from old bicycle tires, they are still cool enough to make the list for our gallery…


Do you have an interesting rubber recycling project that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below and maybe we will feature your project in our next tire recycling gallery!

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