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Top Jeep Tires for Winter 2014/2015

As cool fall breezes give way to the biting cold of winter, it’s time to look at winter tires options for your Jeep. Winter tires provide better traction in the cold weather, but won’t perform as well during the summer and might use up a little more fuel. For areas prone to ice, studded tires can be a great way to go because they’re better able to grab the road. We took a good look at which tires are recommended time and again by Jeep enthusiasts. Here’s our list of the best winter tires for your Jeep:

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracGoodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

As one of the two most recommended winter tires by Jeep enthusiasts, the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac gets the prize as the best possible winter tire for your Jeep. It’s also one of the most versatile tires on our list, working well for off-road adventures while giving you a quieter ride on the highway. The aggressive tread also makes it a great option for hauling and towing.

Bridgestone BlizzakBridgestone Blizzak

If you’re specifically dealing with extreme winter conditions and aren’t worried about highway performance, the Bridgestone Blizzak is the tire for you. Also highly recommended by Jeep enthusiasts, it deals better with off-road conditions, including ice, snow and extreme cold. Surfaced with Bridgestone’s special Multi-Cell compound, the tire will actually absorb a small amount of water, giving you a drier ride with better traction control while allowing the tire to remain more flexible in extreme cold.

Firestone WinterforceFirestone Winterforce

If you’ve got more highway than byway in your commute, the Firestone Winterforce family of tires is a great bet to consider. Designed to specifically provide both a quiet ride as well as optimum traction control, this tire is recommended for Jeeps used as an urban daily driver.




It’s not surprising that Nokian Tires is on our list, since they were the inventors of the first winter tire! Designed specifically for northern climates, the Nokian WR D3 was a test winner in the 2014 Auto Bild winter tire test. Many Jeep drivers living in northern cities particularly like this tire.


Toyo Open Country A/TToyo Open Country A/T

Though some enthusiasts claim that Toyo’s Open Country A/T are a bit heavy for a Jeep, that extra weight helps keep you grounded in the Jeep’s often short wheel base, especially if you’ve put a lift kit into place. The all-terrain labeling makes it a great option when you need aggressive traction to get town from deer camp while providing a surprisingly quiet ride. With 40% more tread life than competitors; it’s easy to see why these tires are so popular with avid Jeep off-roaders.

Goodyear Wrangler Silent ArmorGoodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

The second Goodyear Wrangler on our list, the Silent Armor tire provides Kevlar protection for dirt trails that also helps provide a smooth, quiet ride on the highway. As an excellent all-purpose winter tire, traction ridges help provide traction in rain and mud, making it a great option if you’ve got a lot of freeze and thaw in your winter climate.

Nitto Terra GrapplersNitto Terra Grapplers

Though not a winter-only tire, Nitto’s Terra Grappler is a great tire for when you need a little help in the winter but don’t want to be held to a winter-only tire. With coupling joints between tread blocks, the Grappler provides a mix of traction and performance.


The best way to stay safe in your vehicle this winter is by installing good snow tires that help keep you in control. But why spend good money on tires that will only be on your vehicle for part of the year? At, we’re committed to providing you the best driving experience while helping you realizes significant savings over buying new tires. Visit our products section to see what we have available for your Jeep!

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