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Top Auto Blog Awards

Since the auto blogs come in so many shapes and sizes, we decided to break down the top blogs by category. They are all great websites and we suggest that you check them out.

Best Classic Car Blog –


Hemmings Daily is a great blog for those that are into classic cars and enjoy auto nostalgia. This blog is frequently updated and has some interesting repeating topics like the “Find of the Day” as well as lots of historical car photos.

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Best Celebrity Car Blog –


Updates on which celebrities have been spotted driving in their new rides. If you want to know who is driving what, this is the place to find out.

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Best Auto Web Gems –

This is one of our favorite blogs to follow. Their coverage goes a bit beyond the autoworld to occasionally include cool stories from places like the military aviation industry. This is our #1 source of offbeat auto web gems that you don’t see everyplace else.

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Best Vehicle Reviews –

We recommend stopping here for the most in-depth reviews of new cars and their features. Reviews are focused on vehicle features and specs rather than opinions on performance, but most videos are between 20-30 minutes long and go beyond just the standard details that you will find in other reviews.

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Best Auto Business Blog –


This blog is focused on industry news for business owners and employees etc. You’ll find some of the standard news here as well, but with an emphasis on industry data for businesses.

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Best Daily Auto News Blog –

best car blog

This blog is all inclusive with it’s fair share of new car previews, reviews, racing news, automated car tech updates etc. If you want to just have one website where you can get your fix everyday, we suggest trying this one out.

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Best Auto Youtube Channel – Leno’s Garage


This channel started as a place where Jay would show some of the cars from his garage and tell the stories behind them. It has since grown into a channel with more than 1.3 million subscribers, and viewers will see exotic vehicles from the far corners of the earth here now.

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