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Used Tire Recycling Gallery | L.A., Landscaping, Playground Edition

This week we have put together another tire recycling gallery that includes some of the projects run by the City of Los Angeles as well as lawn and landscape products that are made from recycled tires.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area has a population of almost 13+ million people, and there are more than an estimated 6.5 million cars in use. This results in a lot of used tires, and the increasingly important question of what to do with all of them. There are several project demonstration sites where the city is using recycled rubber. In Obregon Park, recycled rubber has been used as a sidewalk covering as shown in the photos directly below.

los angeles rubber recycling sidewalk

la recycled sidewalk obregon park sidewalk project

Used rubber can also be turned into square panels and used to replace damaged concrete on sidewalks. The photos below from Altadena show how more than 1,200 tires were used to replace portions of the sidewalks. These rubber pavers can also be temporarily removed (concrete sidewalks cannot), and this allows the sidewalks to be maintained to a higher standard. Tree roots can be pruned beneath of the rubber in order to prevent the roots from causing any unevenness in the sidewalk.

demo_a54 demo_a56

Recycled Products for the Yard, Garden, and Playground

The edging products shown below are made by These can be used around landscaping and flower beds, and they are made entirely from recycled rubber.

recycled tire edging landscaping

Decorative mulch bed edging keeps the mulch off of the sidewalk and out of the grass.


Another creative way to use old rubber to spruce up your yard is to place it below your fence line (see below). This pesky area is an annoyance to anyone who has mowed their lawn near a fence line before. Save yourself from the trimming and weed-whacking by installing this brown-colored rubber strip below the fence.

recycled rubber fence border

The brown border above and the patio pavers that are shown below are both manufactured by Products can be purchased online through their website.

recycled rubber patio

Many of the people who read our recycling blogs probably do so while asking the question: How can I recycle rubber and save the environment? The solutions below weren’t found by simply trying to recycle a product after its life cycle is over, these products were created first and foremost for safety reasons.

Many play areas like the ones shown below are now incorporating multiple types of rubber products because of the increased safety for children as well as the bright and interesting aesthetics. A playground like this has a rubber playing surface, artificial grass, and padding that is located below the surfaces in order to provide additional padding for the children. The play areas below were constructed by Flex Ground.

recycled rubber playground surfaces

more recycled playground projects

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