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Recycled Tire Gallery: Workout Edition

In the past we have shown you a wide range of places where recycled car tires can be used, and now we are gathering some of the best workout ideas that utilize old car tires.

You don’t need to have aspirations of “Rocky” in order to work old tire rubber into your exercise routine. Many of you might already be using recycled rubber products and you don’t even know it. Here are a few of our favorite use examples.


Flip it, drag it, throw it. The bigger the tire is; the better. Work up a sweat by heaving that old piece of rubber around any way that you can. This type of workout does not isolate the muscles in the same way that weight lifting does. You will create more “usable strength” through this type of activity because of more broad muscle development.

tire flip throw pull

tire workout class

woman tire flipping workout



Foot speed and agility are just as important to an athlete as raw strength! See how many times you can jump in and out of the tire in 60 seconds to work on your speed.

tire plyometrics


recycled tire football drills



There are numerous manufacturers of recycled tire gym flooring. This provides a tough surface for dropping weights that won’t damage your facilities.

recycled rubber flooring

Kharma Khare makes rubber mats from recycled tire rubber. They make 3 different mats that are manufactured using various combinations of recycled rubber.



Recycled rubber dumbbells…


Recycled rubber bumper plates.


You can also go with a more raw version of the recycled tire bumper plate…

recycled tire bumper plates weight lifting

Or… stop wasting time at the recycling plant. Just put the tires on the bar and start grinding!

tire weight lifting

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