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America’s Coolest Racecar Driving Schools

09-pg-horizontalYour days of go-carts and bumper cars might be over, but that doesn’t mean that you are not still allowed to have fun behind the wheel. Lucky for the big boys out there, there are a few places where you can go to test your skills and relive your days as a speed demon. Here are a few of our favorite high speed driving schools and behind-the-wheel vacation experiences.

  1. Skip Barber Open Wheel School: If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and drop the hammer, this driving and racing school is an awesome weekend getaway! This racing experience has single and multi-day schools that are held at tracks around the country. There is even a Skip Barber racing series where you can just show up and drive without needing your own vehicle or pit crew.
  2. Ferrari Winter Driving School (Steamboat, CO): High performance, the Rockies and snow and ice all combine into Ferrari’s 3-year-old winter driving school. Based on their very popular Italian Pilota on Ice program, the luxury automaker set up a fleet of eight Ferrari FFs for the school. This has previously been located in Aspen and this year is located in Steamboat, CO.
  3. Land Rover Experience Driving School (Manchester Village, VT): Hosted at the luxurious Equinox Resort and Spa, this driving school is an awesome experience for any serious offroader. The school offers individual and group training with a fleet of three mid- to full size Land Rovers and an LR2.
  4. Bridgestone Winter Driving School (Steamboat, CO): With some of the world’s best ice and snow-covered courses, the Bridgestone Winter Driving School includes ice racing and a variety of classes from basic ice and snow driving to the fine points of professional driving. Instructors include professional drivers from many backgrounds including autocross, ice racing, Formula 2000 and stock car racing.
  5. Gotham Dream Cars (multiple cities): Want to try your hand at some of the most amazing dream cars the world has to offer – without having to worry about other drivers and highway laws? Available in several cities, this offers a great way to sample the sweet life without the hefty price tag as you drive these dream cars how they’re meant to be driven.
  6. Richard Petty Driving Experience (Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL): For a full NASCAR experience, this Disney-affiliated location allows you to ride shotgun for three laps of high-speed driving or drive up to 50 laps on your own. Basic training is provided.
  7. Porsche Driving School (multiple cities): Experience track time in some of the world’s most well engineered performance cars while being instructed by the best driving instructors that you’ll find anywhere. Track experiences are held in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and of course; in Germany.


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