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How Are Car Tires Made?

inside of a car tire
We see them by the hundreds and thousands, every day. As the component that connects a vehicle to the road, tires are vitally important in providing traction, performance, handling and safety. But what actually happens...

Are All-Season Tires Really for All Seasons?

tire decision making
When searching for new tires for your vehicle, it would be ideal if you could just buy 1 pair of tires that would make your car perform its best and be equally as safe in all types of weather conditions. In 1977, the...

What’s in a Run Flat Tire?

run flat tire diagram
According to the NHTSA, in the United States alone it’s estimated that seven motorists experience flat tires each second, which equates to about 220 million flat tires each year. Furthermore, it’s estimated that...

How Tires Affect Your Car Lease Upon Return

car lease tire
It is well known that if you return your leased vehicle with a cracked windshield, or a dented fender, you are going to be charged for it. However, did you know that you can be charged similarly for returning your...

Used Tire Recycling Gallery

car tire recycling sculpture
When it comes to used tires, disposal and recycling is even more important than it is with other types of garbage. Tire fires present a large environmental hazard, so most municipalities in the US have established...

Tire Tread Depth for Dummies

measure tire tread with penny
Measuring the tread depth of your tires is an important safety precaution for vehicle owners to take. Ensuring that you have sufficient tread on your tires decreases the likelihood of your tires failing and causing an...

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