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How California Saves Old Tires from Landfills

California is one of the most progressive states when it comes to pushing recycling initiatives. This includes state-funded grants for municipalities and organizations to implement cost-saving and waste-reducing measures. These measures span a wide range of products that can be manufactured using different forms of recycled rubber. Here are a few of the most notable projects and the different types of products that are being used…


San Francisco Police Shooting Range Backstop

This bullet containment system at the San Francisco airport shooting range cost approx $500k and utilizes material from more than 6,000 tires. This system makes it easier to recover shell casings and discharged lead bullets from the backstop area.



Humboldt County Fairgrounds

More than 8,300 tires were saved by using shredded crumb rubber as a surface for equestrian events and rodeos at the fairgrounds. The surface is healthier for humans and horses because no dust is being kicked up into the air, and the surface also reduces joint swelling, stiffness and soreness among horses that use the surface.



Sacramento Retaining Walls

Approx. 7,000 recycled tires were used to create these erosion-preventing retaining walls in Sacramento. This wall can be seen near the Cal Expo horse racing track.



Los Angeles Flooring Underlayment Soundproofing

In order to reduce noise in apartment and condominium buildings, a form of recycled rubber was used below the hardwood flooring that was installed in these residences. In Los Angeles, a 23 story building was able to use approx. 30,000 recycled tires in order to provide this sound-dampening solution.



Redding Landscaping Bark

In the photo above you can see how the City of Redding used more than 6,000 recycled tires for landscaping around their recycling station to demonstrate how the product can be used effectively. Using rubber bark instead of natural mulch saves money on maintenance and weed control in the area.



Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction Flooring

The world-famous Barrett-Jackson auction would normally use carpeting for the flooring of their events, but in this photo you can see a creative use of rubber tiling that can be taken apart and put back together again; saving money and waste. For this event approx 675 tires were diverted from landfills and put back into use.



Humboldt State University Athletic field

The athletic field pictured below utilized more than 32,000 tires that were on their way to CA landfills. These tires were used for “infill” on the synthetic turf. This allowed the field to change from being able to handle occasional limited use to being able to handle constant use with almost no maintenance.



Farmersville Elementary Schools

These playgrounds now use colored crumb rubber to provide a safe shock-absorbing surface for children to play on. These two playgrounds were able to make good use of more than 29,000 recycled tires.



Morrow Bay Street Repair

This section of cracking and crumbling pavement was repaired using asphalt and a rubber binder that was made from recycled rubber. The city used approx 3,500 tires to resurface 17 streets, and the new surface should provide added durability over time; lowering maintenance costs for the city.



Fireside Lodge

The Fireside Lodge in Lake Tahoe has helped divert 40 used car tires from landfills by using these rubber wheel stops for each parking spot. The rubber stops are ideal because they cannot be broken by snowplows during the winter time.



Throughout the State

Everywhere that you look, recycled rubber is being put into use. The bases of these road signs are made from rubber that is formed using injection molding or compression molding. Each sign base will take between 1-3 tires to make.



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