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Gift Ideas for Car Owners

Who’s looking for gift ideas for the drivers in your life?

Here are some suggestions, at prices from a few bucks for stocking stuffers to more than a few thousand for a garage filler.


Auto club membership

Rest easy knowing your teen or spouse can call one number when keys are locked inside, a tire is flat, a battery is dead, or a tow is needed. While you’re at it, get yourself a membership. Price: $30 to $75 per year.

Air freshener

OK, so your husband’s car or truck smells like his last fishing trip. Get him a car air freshener for the stocking. Air fresheners come in all shapes — even NFL helmets. Find these in discount stores. Price: $4-$20.

RV walmart air freshener

Purchased in a pack of three, Little Tree car air fresheners cost a bit more than $1 a piece, making each a great stocking stuffer.

Oil change

If you want a car to last, regularly scheduled oil changes are a must. Jiffy Lube sells in multiples of $25. Perfect for the young driver who won’t spend cash on maintenance and isn’t around to get badgered by parents. Price: $25 and up.

Car wash

If someone wrote WASH ME on the trunk last year and it’s still there, get a prepaid wash and interior cleaning at your local carwash. Coupon books usually are available, too, with multiple cleanings at discount. Price: $20-$150.


Your local carwash probably sells coupons for a wash and interior cleaning, ideal for someone who never seems to have the time to do those chores himself. (

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Newer cars have this, but older cars don’t. If that old car still has a few miles in it, add this reassuring feature. Sensors that get mounted inside the tire will require professional installation. You can screw valve cap sensors on by yourself. Information is sent wirelessly to a dash-mounted readout. Price: $40-$200.

Radio upgrade

AM/FM just doesn’t cut it anymore. Add a radio with better reception, MP3 and MP4 capability, a cell phone link for hands-free calling, an input jack for an iPod, and Sirius radio. Buy online, from discount stores or from car parts stores. Price: $80-$250.

Sony CDX-GT420U car radio with PNY USB flash drive

A Sony aftermarket car radio with a music drive plugged into its USB jack. (

Sirius subscription

Oh, about Sirius: It’s commercial-free, but it’s a pay service. Music-only is the cheapest, but you also can get comedy, sports and news. There’s even — Siriusly — a golf talk channel. Price: $132-$252 per year.

Aftermarket wheels

You can buy from an auto center, but online sellers such as Discount Tire Direct and Tire Rack make this easy. All you need to know are the year and model of the car. This is mostly a guy thing, and especially a young guy thing. Price: $300-$4,000.

Tires ClipartSign.comaftermarket wheel

Aftermarket wheels, such as this one from Ruff, are all the rage among street tuners. (

Porsche GT3

Hey, you can always dream. It’s fast, well behaved, classically pretty and a scourge on any private road course. It eats SUVs for breakfast. And it’s pricey. Price: $155,310 — and up!

Happy holidays from! And dream on.

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