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Higher Load Ranges, Ply Ratings Help with Heavy Loads

Tires ply ratings Ford
Load Ranges and Ply Ratings are important indicators of tire strength and behavior under load. Ply Ratings are especially important if you tow, go off road, carry heavy loads or drive at competitive speeds, such as on a...

Here’s How To Upsize Wheels and Tires Safely

most expensive car tire bugatti veyron
Upsizing — swapping out stock wheels for bigger-diameter aftermarket wheels — is all the rage among street tuners. Some Key Decision Factors Is it safe? It can be. The key is mounting a tire to the bigger wheel...

Important Things to Know About Run Flat Tires

Run Flat Tires
Run-flat tires are just what the description implies, but also a little less than that. Depending on the manufacturer, they may have designations such as RFT (run-flat tire), ROF (run-on-flat) or ESP (extended...

When Do I Need to Replace Valve Stems and Valves on My Tires?

valve core for tires
Valve stems are the small tubes on your rims that allow you to re-inflate a tire after pressure is lost or after a tire is repaired or replaced. Each valve stem, quite logically, holds a valve. The valve allows...

How To Select the Right Used Tires for Your Vehicle

How To Select the Right Used Tires for Your Vehicle
Are you on a tight budget but your current tires are worn down to a level that may be dangerous to drive on? One solution definitely worth considering is a set of used tires! A high-quality set of used tires...

Speed Bumps That Check Tire Tread? It Still Pays to Inspect Them The Old Fashioned Way

snapskan tire scanning speed bump
It’s recommended that you perform the “penny test” at least once a month to check the tread depth on your tires as a proactive measure. Yet, it’s a good bet that many people don’t address potential problems...

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